Class 44 joins Heljan range

21 November 2023
Following the success of the Class 45s, Heljan has announced an all-new Class 44 ‘Peak’.

The 10 Pilot Scheme locomotives were among BR’s first big diesel locomotives and their evocative mountain names helped to inspire a strong enthusiast following in their final years. Heljan’s new model will be the first to cover all the major Class 44 variations, including the experimental slotted grilles carried by D9/D10. This new model will feature all-new body tooling with bespoke bogie and underframe parts, detailed cab interiors, and much more. 

Variations include bodies with original boiler water tanks and later form without tanks, plated or open boiler filler hatches, open or plated boiler filler access steps and slotted grilles on D9/D10.

The model will also feature a 21-pin DCC decoder interface and factory-fitted speakers for plug-and-play DCC sound conversion, six separately switchable light functions and a smooth-running chassis with centrally mounted motor and twin flywheels. 

Design work has been completed and the first engineering prototype sample is expected to arrive in the UK for review in early 2024. First releases are planned for late-2024 or early-2025 in five popular liveries for the 1959-80 period. 

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Available to order today, the new model will cost £249.95 for DCC Ready versions and £389.95 for DCC Sound. 

Expected versions

  • 4400: BR Green D6 Whernside DCC READY 
  • 44003: BR Green D6 Whernside DCC SOUND 
  • 4401: BR Green D9 Snowdon (Small Yellow Panels/Slotted Grilles) DCC READY
  • 44013: BR Green D9 Snowdon (Small Yellow Panels/Slotted Grilles) DCC SOUND
  • 4402: BR Blue 1 Scafell Pike DCC READY
  • 44023: BR Blue 1 Scafell Pike DCC SOUND
  • 4403: BR Economy Green D5 Cross Fell (Small Yellow Panels) DCC READY
  • 44033: BR Economy Green D5 Cross Fell (Small Yellow Panels) DCC SOUND
  • 4404: BR Blue 44010 Tryfan (slotted grilles) DCC READY
  • 44043: BR Blue 44010 Tryfan (slotted grilles) DCC SOUND

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