blueRailways announces new Model 603 DC Wireless Receiver/Controller

07 March 2024
The new Model 603 Wireless Receiver/Controller is a single-track analogue DC Controller incorporating a Bluetooth interface.

It can be used as a conventional hand-held controller or controlled wirelessly using the Model 720 Wireless Controller or an Android Smartphone/Tablet using the blueRailways App, which is available free from the Google Play Store. The Model 720 can connect wirelessly to two Model 603 controllers and the App can connect to four Model 603’s simultaneously.

The Model 603, which is a replacement for its Model 602 predecessor, has a 1Amp output, incorporates electronic short-circuit protection and has a wireless range to cover even the largest model railway layouts (it can be up to 50 metres in free air).

The track output can be programmed, via the blueRailways App, with the same common control variables (CVs) available on DCC (Start Value, Start Boost, Acceleration, Deceleration and Maximum Speed) for more realistic operation and improved slow-speed running. These CVs are stored and retained in the 603 when the power is removed. No modifications are required for locomotives to use the Model 603, and it has four LEDs to indicate the status of the inputs and outputs.

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Proprietor Ian McFarlane said, “We have been supplying wireless solutions for model railways for over eight years, and customers old and young have discovered the benefits of wireless control, especially those with larger layouts, exhibition layouts, or who simply like being able to move around their layout”.

The Model 603 Wireless Receiver/Controller is available directly from the blueRailways website at a lower price than the preceding model at £49.50, or £94.50 with a Model 720 Wireless Controller.

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