An illustrated journey through Amberdale

18 March 2022
New book promises a photographic modelling journey through Amberdale as it might have been in the 1890s.

Amberdale and the Railway Which Runs Through It is a new book, written by Philip Harvey, which take the reader on a journey through 'Amberdale' as it might have been in the 1890s. Encompassing a wide variety of scenery, Amberdale is the smallest of the dales, and this wonderful model landscape was dreamt up in the mind of its creator and built over a period of 60 years.

Philip Harvey Amberdale and the railway which runs through it fonthill media book

Following the river and the railway through the dale, the photographs within bring to life the half-forgotten age of the horse and steam locomotive, the unspoiled countryside, the quiet charm of the villages, the bustle of a market town and the industrial urgency of late Victorian England.

Philip Harvey Amberdale and the railway which runs through it fonthill media book

The book describes an extensive and impressive model, yet emphasises that it is not dependant on particular modelling skills or extensive academic research, but on imagination and enthusiasm.

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Its author, Philip Harvey grew up in Devon, studied engineering at Cambridge, and has lived in North Yorkshire since. Elected a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1975, as Project Manager he had executive and technical responsibility for many major projects in the UK, including the modernisation of Tower Bridge and as the Chief Engineer for the manufacture and installation of the Thames Barrier flood gates and machinery. Philip has lectured worldwide on contract management and contract law and served as an accredited adjudicator. Throughout his professional life, he continued to work on his layout 'Amberdale', the subject of this book.

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