Accurascale issues Class 31/Brush Type 2 update

19 October 2023
Launched at Model Rail Scotland in 2022, Accurascale’s Class 30 and 31 models have been progressing, with this latest update highlighting the further fixes and enhancements that have been made.

Despite still playing catch-up with factory schedules due to COVID lockdowns in China in early 2023, Accurascale has progressed with the development of the Class 31s and made the following fixes and enhancements;

  • The consistency of the bodyside grilles was incorrect, with an uneven fitting of slats, which has now been corrected
  • Improvement of fit and finish required was around the bufferbeam area, which has also now been solved to Accurascale’s satisfaction
  • The already extensive lighting functions present on the current locomotives have been pushed even further, with an industry first…From the 50s to the late '80s/early '90s, the driver's headlight was operated as a single light - either side. The 31s kept individual switches for tail lights, so there is a L/H tail light switch that is ON-OFF and a R/H tail light switch that is ON-OFF
  • The working fan, although powered by a separate motor, will now also work on DC as well as DCC
  • The factory now has the specifications required for drop-in EM and P4 wheelsets, so look out for updates on those ahead of delivery 
  • A high-quality sound recording of the original Mirrlees power unit will be offered as a separate plug-and-play decoder, which modellers can install along with a large Accurathrash speaker for full effect

Production is now well underway, with painting almost complete for batch 1, with assembly about to start. Batch 2 is also moulded and painting is underway.

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Due to the production challenges, the models are now due to arrive in late Spring 2024. The exclusives, including 31407, 31466, the Network Rail pair and limited edition models for Hornby Magazine, Model Rail Magazine and Rails of Sheffield are set to arrive at the end of 2024.

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