Accurascale acquires tooling from Hattons for three models

06 February 2024
Accurascale has announced that it has acquired the tooling for the Hattons Originals Warwell wagon, P Class 0-6-0 tank engine and Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive from Hattons, following its closure.

Utilising its existing relationship with Hattons, Accurascale has been able to secure these "Hattons Originals" tooling, beginning with the OO gauge Warwell wagons, The P Class 0-6-0 tank engine and the Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 tank locomotive. These three models will now join the Accurascale range. All three models are currently in different stages of production,

Accurascale will provide updates on each project separately in the future, but for now, the current status of each project is below;

OO Warwells

The Warwells are complete and will leave the factory in China just after Chinese New Year in late February, landing in stock with Accurascale in April 2024. The price of these will be maintained the same as the Hattons price of £25 each. Accurascale’s bundle deal of 10% if you buy two or more applies along with free UK Postage and Packaging and 3% cashback on all orders. Accurascale’s new "Accuracare" lifetime warranty will apply to these wagons too.

Trains4u will receive its special limited-edition commission as planned.

Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 ST

These locomotives are at decoration stage and will be revealed in the coming weeks. Production is slated to begin after the Chinese New Year break and delivery will be in Q4 2024. 

Unfortunately, with rising costs, the original price of £85 was impossible to maintain, so these locomotives are now priced at £99.95 each. However, with free postage and packaging and 3% cashback on all orders we also be offered, alongside the new lifetime "Accuracare" warranty.

P Class

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These locomotives are also at the decoration stage and will be revealed very soon. Production is also slated to begin post-Chinese New Year with delivery also in Q4 of 2024. These are likely to arrive after the Andrew Barclay tanks.

As per the Andrew Barclay tanks, the P will also see an increase in price to £99.95, but with the same free postage and packaging, 3% cashback and the lifetime "Accuracare" warranty included.

Your Hattons Pre-Orders


If you have placed a pre-order with any of these models, Hattons will contact you asking if you have any objections to them moving your pre-orders to Accurascale. If you do not, then Accurascale requires you to register an account on its website and log your payment details for your pre-order. 

If you do not register after 2 weeks, Accurascale will consider your pre-order cancelled.

As these models are so deep into the production process, Accurascale cannot add any further locomotives to the production run, or make any further changes, such as offering DCC Sound Fitted options. The specification will remain as originally-specified when first announced. These models will be for sale exclusively on Accurascale’s website.

Other former Hattons tooling have also joined the Accurascale line up and news on those models will be revealed later in 2024. 

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