July '19 - Issue 140

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Statfold to trial eco oil burner, Rheidol to reveal 'forgotten' locos, Brit-built locos at Spanish museum, novel coffee-pot in Australia plus much more.

On Sale: 28/06/2019

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What's in this Issue?

First Lines - Enjoying a trio of openings
Headline News - Statfold to trial eco oil burner
UK News - Rheidol to reveal 'forgotten' locos
News Focus: New stations - Major investment in new buildings
World News - Romanian loco that refused to die
Irish Lines - Revival challenges on the West Clare
Waite's World - Brit-built locos at Spanish museum
News Gallery - Summer narrow gauges scenes
From the Archive - Ailing Pacifics in India
NG Archaeology - Brockham Museum, what's left?
Locomotives - Novel coffee-pot in Australia
News Extra, Narrower gauge - Romney star makes a comeback
NG Modelling - Live-steam double Fairline reviewed
NG Modelling - Criminally-inspired minimum gauge
On the Shelf - Latest narrow gauge publications
Viewpoint - New-builds exercise our readers
Narrow Gauge Extra - Special events and past memories
Diary - Where to find NG trains in July
Narrow Gauge Encounters - Just another day  in Java

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