Transferring your RM Web Gold Membership

As per our announcement, we are delighted to confirm that if you previously had a RM Web Gold or Digital Archive membership, you now qualify for our excellent new World of Railways Plus membership service.

  • Our first step was issuing an email out to all contactable RM Web Gold current members with details of their account number and login information. 
  • Following this, we will attempt to make contact via direct message on RM Web Gold Forum

For the majority of customers, it will be as simple as logging in here:

Sign in here

If you are unable to, this may mean you need to follow the Find Account process to sign into your membership.  In this case, you will need an account number. Please get in touch below if you need that information:

Email us

Please also note that moving forward, to read digital magazines you will need to login directly through World of Railways membership and not via Exactly or Exact Editions directly.

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