Issue 297 - May 2019

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The Abridged Diary of a Railway Engineer, building a Wickham Trolley and PW Train, Kit building industrial wagons plus the latest product news.

On Sale: 18/04/2019

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What's in this Issue?

The Abridged Diary of a Railway Engineer
Building a Wickham Trolley and PW Train
Foxy - a nitro powered loco
Kit building industrial wagons
Rostered on to drive the Bagnall - a female loco crew
Bren'da Bahn
Publish or be damned
See at the Midlands Garden Rail Show
Practising my scales - Part 1
The GSS Garden Railway Show 2019
Mamod Goes Electric - again!
Product News
Mailbox/Diary Dates
Building Pola's ruined castle

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