August 2017

Resurrecting an old DUKW, manufacturing a camshaft, a tour of the Newcomen pumping engine ... Read More >>

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Resurrecting an old DUKW

Building the LNWR Coal Engine in 5" Gauge - lubricating oil pump drive eccentric and the pipe rail

Elsecar Heritage Centre - a tour of the Newcomen pumping engine

Workshop Woes

Product Reviews - Expo Thin Combination Spanners + 'Gear of Lathes for Screwcutting' book

The EIM Steam Plant (Part 9): The Engine

The Doncaster Exhibition: club stands

Building a Panther Tank - the motor and final drive system

Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition preview

The Atkinson Steam Wagon - the manufacture of the camshaft

Club Newsround

Young Engineers

Diary of Events