Kit building

Model railway kits come in many forms: buildings, locomotives, wagons…you name it, there’s likely to be a kit available to buy. In this section we show you how to build a number of model railway kits and in many cases we reveal how you can further improve them.

We build this shed kit from Roxey Mouldings, which is ideal for soldering beginners. ...


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A straightforward chassis swap is all that’s required to breathe new life into a broken down kit of this iconic ...


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Metcalfe's small cottage kit looks great as a basic build, but a few simple tweaks can make it look amazing on ...


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We build a simple corner shop car kit and then add some realistic details to produce a stunning building for your ...


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We show you how to model and weather a Skytrex O Gauge Cable Drum Kit. ...


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Enjoy this detailed video on building an O gauge Heljan diesel depot kit. ...


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Heljan's O Gauge AC Railbus is a splendid model, but our step-by-step modifications can really bring it to life. ...


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Follow our step-by-step guide to building a Thamshead Models (BH Enterprises) Wickham Trolley Kit ...


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We show you the perfect beginner project: how to model a cardboard coal office. ...


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