152-page publication: Smoke and Steam

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Smoke & Steam is a new quality publication brought to you by Warners Group Publications, also responsible for BRM, Traction, Garden Rail, Narrow Gauge World and Engineering in Miniature magazines.

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152-page publication: Smoke and Steam

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In this coffee table edition, we’ll take you on an entertaining and informative historic journey of Britain’s railways in the age of steam. Join us across some of the most famous – and not so famous –routes, featuring locomotive legends. Smoke & Steam provides readers with in-depth articles, explaining some of the most important moments of Britain’s railway history from all eras and regions, accompanied by rare or never-before printed photography.

Working with a team of pedigree writers, the new publication takes a fresh approach to our colourful steam history, covering a golden age when steam powered Britain. 

Inside this special issue:

  • Following the Flagman - Dover’s seafront railway
  • Forgotten Railways - The Peak District main line
  • Iconic stations: Exploring Salisbury 
  • Travelling in style: The Cornish Riviera Express
  • Mallard: A Pictorial Journey
  • Semaphore Signalling - Why the GWR was different 
  • There’s only one Edinburgh Waverley
  • Restoring an SR Merchant Navy
  • Goods locomotives of Buckingham
  • Modelling advice to enhance your steam locomotives

This new publication is now available digitally, click here or on high-quality paper. Smoke & Steam is the coffee table companion you’ll want to keep forever. Celebrate all things steam and pick up your copy of Smoke & Steam today.

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