Accurascale is the sister brand to Irish Railway Models. Accurascale produces accurate and finely detailed ready-to-run scale miniatures of railway rolling stock in 4mm and to OO, P4 and EM Gauges and now also 7mm to O Gauge.

Accurascale PFA British Gypsum

A list of decoration revisions has been sent to China and production of the models is underway, with final ...


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Have your say

One of the complaints many modellers seem to make is that manufacturers do not listen to them. So, here is your ...


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Accurascale tippler wagons

The Irish manufacturer's next project is to be the Redpath Dorman Long-built PTA/JTA/JUA bogie iron-ore/stone ...


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Cavalex PGA

There were plenty of new pre-production models to be seen at DEMU over the last weekend. BRM was the only magazine ...


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Trains4U KFA wagon

Unveiled at DEMU this weekend, the Peterborough model retailer is to produce its first RTR model in conjunction ...


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