BRM Cake Box Challenge - We'll All Go Together


We'll All Go Together

Builder: R Peters



This all came together when the Heljan AC Cars Railbus (a lovely size for a cakebox entry) became available at a Buy Me! price. The title was suggested by an early 60s topical song and the idea of a railway with a life-expectancy slightly shorter than the new vehicles obtained to cut costs was irresistable.

The diorama depicts a branchline station on its last legs.  The passing loop had been removed several years ago, and the disused platform is sprouting a fine crop of small bushes.  On the other side, a section of rusting, glassless platform canopy provides a minimal amount of shelter and the railbus waits alongside, for passengers who will never come while the driver stretches his legs.

And, the writing (ie the closure notice) is on the wall.



The diorama itself is simply constructed using mounting board and Metcalf brick and paving sheets, the canopy is a hacked up Dapol kit.
The piece of track came from a partwork introductory issue. Bits and bobs of stuff from the junk box completed the scene.