BRM Cake Box Challenge - Water and London Electricity


Water and London Electricity

Builder: Joel Middleton

This is my little homage to the Metropolitan line and the Grand Union Canal. 

I had intended to make something much more urban but during image searches for rail bridges over canals this location jumped out at me. Oddly when I showed the finished model to my parents, I learned that this was the route my Mum used to walk from school to swimming! Everything in the scene is made from scratch except for "me" and the terminal boxes. I made the boat with me in it when I was at university and have been looking for a home for it ever since. 

The highlight of this project for me was scratch building the A-stock. Like all good challenges it has inspired me to get on with more modelling. 

There are lots of bits I would love to share but don't have space for here so please see my build thread on RMweb.