BRM Cake Box Challenge - Upchurch Road


Upchurch Road

Builder: Ian Griffiths

It’s the early 1960s and the halt at Upchurch Road deep in the Western Region doesn’t have much of a future.  Not a passenger nor a train in sight, weeds encroaching on the platform and the poster on the ex-GWR pagoda announcing the withdrawal of passenger services in a few months’ time.

All entirely fictitious of course.

It’s been some forty years since my very basic OO gauge round-and-round loft layout bit the dust.  Back then I was happy just to see some trains moving – scenery didn’t come into it.  The Cake Box Challenge seemed an ideal opportunity to try my hand at some scenic modelling, start small and actually complete something.

The diorama has a foam board base, with landscape and structures made from card, plaster bandage and more foam board.  I’ve never ballasted track, put a plastic building kit together nor tried to weather anything before.  It’s all far from perfect but I’m happy with how it’s turned out and I think it will give me the confidence to try something a little larger in the future.

Hints and tips came from BRM and YouTube – particularly Dean Park Station, Everard Junction, Kathy Millatt and Luke Towan.