BRM Cake Box Challenge - Under Way


Under Way

Builder: R Peters


In the early 1960s, a group of volunteers clear undergrowth on the Midsomer Light Railway.  The 0-4-0 Saddletank "Christopher" has been recalled from the paintshop to haul rubbish from up and down the line between Midsomer Brevis and Midsomer Magna and is in a coat of many colours!  In this snapshot of life on the line, Tom the engine driver has paused for a chat with Dick and Harry who are burning some lineside waste.



"Under Way" is a miniature sketch of an extension to my O16.5 narrow gauge layout "Midsomer Brevis", and will probably form a scenic countryside section between Midsomer Brevis station and the fiddleyard, mainly to give the locomotive some more exercise!

"Christopher" is a Smallbrook Studio "Thor" resin kit, running on a Hornby Caly Pug chassis and the flat is a Dapol wagon chassis with a collection of coffee stirrers on top.  The track is a discarded piece of Peco code 100 flexitrack with alternate sleepers removed to give a more "rustic" feel.  The bridge is roughly scribed DAS and the scene is liberally covered with odds and ends of lichen and flock from the parts box.  Figures are inexpensive "O" scale from ebay.