BRM Cake Box Challenge - Thomas, Bertie and the great race


Thomas, Bertie and the great race

Builder: Shaun Holland

I created this one with children coming into the hobby to be looked at and enjoyed and I used the space available to my advantage I've used the cakebox height to create two scenes both with plenty of detail
and weathered.

One would sit neatly in the box while the other would be secured with Velcro to the lid of the box, the total scene measurements are 16 inches by 8 inches with the total height comes under the 5 inches that the box measures at.

The scene complete shows the end of the race with Thomas and Bertie becoming great friends and everybody round them cerebrating.

I don't know if this is a loop hole in the rules but both boards have plenty of detail to both be each there own but together create something larger than just a box and shows that things can expand both in the box and in life.