BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Visitor


The Visitor

Builder: Danny Figg



The Visitor depicts a level crossing between a minor road and a rural branch line. Sheep nibble grass in the stone walled, slightly marshy fields. Normally all is peaceful except for the occasional passing of trains, but today the local narrow gauge heritage line is expecting a visiting loco, in the form of the 0-6-2T being transported on the AEC Mercury low loader.



The lorry comes from Base Toys, while the 006.5 loco is made from a bit of Roco 0-6-0T, on a plastic chassis from a static Z gauge loco of unknown manufacture, with additional details and a Narobahn mine wagon axle to make the loco into an 0-6-2T. It sits on Auhagen H0f track. The individual grass tufts combined with ordinary grass scatter help to convey a sense of marshy ground, and the rocks are cast plaster. The tarmac surface is represented by fine sandpaper, with matchsticks and coffee stirrers given a wash of enamel paint to create the crossing. The walls were painstakingly constructed from individual pieces of card that had first been painted with acrylics. I felt that the transportation of locos by road was an interesting subject and one I have not seen modelled elsewhere.

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