BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Pigeon Loft


The Pigeon Loft

Builder: Bryce Fulton

My Father, Brother William and Billy from next door started keeping pigeons in a tea chest in the back-yard.  Interest grew so a plot was found for a proper loft built on railway land at Petteril Bridge Junction in Carlisle. William became successful in both racing and judging and he was the local club secretary. Billy got a place at University after chatting about pigeons during his interview.

These events inspired me to put a loft in the allotment on my 8x4 layout.

Commercial offers were not good so I decided to build a loft. Below are “the plans” I used. ( feel free to use them ) It is mainly constructed of wooden tea stirrers with a roof covering of fine emery paper.  William is waiting for pigeons to return from a race.

 The Caledonian 0-4-2T is a DJH kit built about 35 years ago. About 30 years ago it fell off a shelf and broke into several pieces. Containing my grief, I picked up the pieces and put them in a box. When I opened the box about 20 years later the damage was not that bad so the rebuild was successful.

The diorama contains ground cover and fencing in the usual format with the railway passing the loft and a field containing Friesian cows. William’s friend Bert came in his Ex BR Land Rover. William came on his bike.