BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Hole in the Wall (White Swan Yard)


The Hole in the Wall (White Swan Yard)

Builder: Paul Cole

Ever since I first saw a photo of it, I have wanted to make a model of the entrance to White Swan Yard but could never work out how to incorporate it in a small layout – primarily because the interesting part of the railway is behind the buildings. The Cake Box Challenge therefore presented an ideal excuse!

I’m a recent returnee to modelling, having stopped in my late teens some twenty years ago, so in part this has been an exercise in reinvigorating my old skills and learning some new ones. I like the dilapidated nature of the buildings in the later photos, when the line was also on borrowed time, and that’s what I have chosen to model.

The buildings are scratch built from mount board and 250gsm card, covered with downloadable brick paper and pantiles. The rendered parts are wall filler on card. The Drewry shunter – wrong colours for the period modelled, but I prefer the green livery! – is the Dapol kit, with some improvements and modifications. The cow catcher is missing from the front thanks to running out of time, but I have seen a photo with this missing. The figures are also Dapol, hand painted. The pavement is individually cut card “slabs”, painted in watercolours.

I have really enjoyed this challenge, and in my case it has achieved its desired objective in getting me out of armchair modelling!