BRM Cake Box Challenge - The End


The End

Builder: Stu Hilton

"It's all changed, y'know. This road used to go right through to the High Street, before they chopped it in half. And what is it for, that building?  It’s a real eyesore as well.

‘Mother Gregg’s Bakery’ was just there, next to ‘Simpson and Son, Gentlemen's Outfitters’. Both long gone. Across the road was the grocers, ‘Wainwrights’, and Jim the Barber. He did everyone round here.”

“The little workshop there used to make sideboards and coffins – they shut when the railway came and took all their trade away – people could get stuff from those catalogues instead.”

“But it's all gone. Sad, really. You could catch a bus on the corner and go up town for a night. Not anymore. And now ‘Lightfoot’s’ has closed too. I used to get all my bits and pieces there, and they sold hats 'n' things for weddings. The flat upstairs is still used by a couple of the local girls, but it'll be bulldozed too, soon. A new carpark for the station, I hear. And they call that progress."

A 7 ½ inch square card base, with a laser-cut ply shop front and preformed plastic sheets and some card, covered in paint.

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