BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Coal Yard


The Coal Yard

Builder: Bryce Fulton

Coal is part of my family story. The “Fulton” coal wagon bears my family name but I have no connection with the business. Both wagons are from Robbie Burns of Abergavenny.

The Kenneth and Sons business was based in Dreghorn near Kilmarnock.  Grandpa Fulton worked for them all his life. He, Grandma, and five sons – including one who had polio - lived in a company owned two-roomed flat in property known as Kenneth’s Buildings in Dreghorn.

When on holiday in the 1940/50’s my brother, sister, and I would wait for the pug – a 0-4-0T - to sound its whistle as it approached the level crossing. We would jump on the crossing gates to watch the rake of coal wagons pulled by the pug go down to the main line.

There is a dispute; some coal is too large for domestic use. Charlie Jones is on top of the wagon breaking the large lumps. Jock Jones is using the land rover to move empty barrels for the collection of waste oil from local workshops and get his weekly discounted bag of coal.   

The coal dispute was settled. Some coal had passed out during a break down. Jock soon discovered better-graded coal underneath the big lumps. Father Jones accepted the lumps at a 75% discount and Charlie got a bonus.