BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Coal Stage


The Coal Stage

Builder: Rob Fanner

For my cakebox I decided to show a rail served coal stage during the BR steam era. I’d already modelled a little cameo scene of a railwayman taking a break from shovelling coal from a rusty wagon and the cakebox idea grew from there. The coal arrives on the elevated line at the top of the bank and is then transferred to the stage ready to be dropped into locomotive tenders on the lower line.

The aim was to not spend a penny, only using what I had in my bits box. The base is 18mm MDF to which I added some off cuts of wood to build up the bank. This was covered in modelling clay into which the uprights for the stage (cut up matchsticks) and fence posts (cut up plastic sprue) were pushed before it was allowed to set. The top of the coal stage is made from stirrers purloined from the coffee point at work! Then it was a case of adding the stairs, track, ballast, grass and coal as well as a healthy amount of grime from my airbrush. A few barrels, sacks and another railway worker sweeping up completed the scene.