BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Bunny Mine


The Bunny Mine

Builder: Roy Heslop

Have you ever felt you have been goaded into a project? The inspiration for this cakebox came from being told: “you could only fit a circle in this space” and from an unnamed 7mmNGA member (Frank Sharp) who said I would never be able to get a layout on the back of my motorbike!

 I’ve split the project. Stage one build the track & test. Then build the scenery around it.

Stage two will be an Arduino project to control/animate the layout.

I could not fit in any more with 16.5mm track (or G scale) so I resolved to drop down to 9mm track and 7mm scale i.e. 0-9 narrow gauge.

The baseboard was constructed from scrap wood.

The track initially having curves down to 2” was eased out to 2.5”. It was made by using some old N scale track soldered onto 4mm PCB Sleepers. The points were built by eye using a gauge to check the work.

The basic scenery was formed using old ceiling tiles coated with pre-coloured one coat plaster with additional PVA.

The trees/bushes are a mixture of natural product and woodland scenic armatures intended for smaller scales.

The rolling stock is modified A1 Diesel using a Tomytec HM-01 chassis with a Minimum Gauge Models estate wagon.

The layout construction cost was near zero, all built from scrap. I expect the electrics to about £8.00. The rolling stock, however, has run up a small bill but can be used on other intended projects.

More details can be found on my RMweb thread.

I’ve had to show a 5” box resized to 6” seems to be a shortage of genuine 6” high boxes.