BRM Cake Box Challenge - The Attack of the 60ft Spider from Mars!


The Attack of the 60ft Spider from Mars!

Builder: R Peters


And so the little goods loco puffs into cinematic history as the first victim of the Horrific 60ft Spider From Mars!  Why anything from Mars would want to invade Earth is a puzzle, its so wet and squishy that the indigenous moulds would be life threatening to any visitor making the effort!

Track, signal box, locomotive and cattle van are all LoneStar OOO push-along toys and the diorama constructed from a single cereal box.

I've approached the scenic effects in a naïve manner with plain flat artists acrylic colours, enlivened with some green flock, antique lichen and some improvised "weathering powder".  And the spider, yes its a
scale 60ft across. I measured it!

This little diorama owes its existence to a number of factors, one of the most compelling being that it completes my Cakebox saga to meet the Challenge in each of the 4 major modelling scales. 3mm, 4mm and 7mm had already been attempted and a rummage in the attic had recovered a box of various 2mm scale toys and models. As this had happened with barely a week left before the Challenge ended, I had almost decided not to bother.  However, the TV model railway competition, finding a card of Halloween spiders while shopping and some recent models on the forum changed my mind, so here it is!