BRM Cake Box Challenge - Silo Art


Silo Art

Builder: Geoff Loosmore



In Victoria, Australia we have a Silo Art Trail through the Mallee. Most of the Silos have pictures of farmers on them.  My mother-in-law was evacuated out here as a school girl in WW2, on leaving school she joined the land army before returning to the UK after hostilities had ended, so I thought I would honour these girls by putting them on a silo, the tracks up the Mallee have been regauged to standard gauge so my CBC had to have new concrete sleepers, new ballast , a ballast wagon and road crew spreading it, then a branch fell off my home made tree so that has to be removed. Then I had to make a new loading tube and had some I beam left over. Now the engineer has turned up with his plans and the track is in the right place.



The silos are made from the tubes backscenes came in, the picture came from the internet, the roof is Scalescenes painted corrugated iron. The tree is home made from copper wire and plaster. This is N Gauge , my usual gauge after trying my hand at other gauges for this challenge, the size is 8” wide x 6”deep x 8” high.

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