BRM Cake Box Challenge - Rokeby



Builder: Peter Blay

I was encouraged to enter the challenge by my wife, who shares my liking for “small” layouts. The only constraint she placed on the entry was that it should be made without purchasing any additional items

Inspiration for the entry came from a visit to the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway where a demonstration line showed a train of hoppers emptying sand to be picked up by a shovel and loaded into waiting trucks

My aim was to produce a mini-layout rather than a pure diorama

Rokeby is 009, a gauge I use for my “main” layouts

Construction of the layout started with a basic foam board frame. I raised the base by about an inch to allow for location of some electrics, so that the layout could be powered to add an extra layer of interest

The track is Peco flexitrack which was secured to the board with PVA. Due to the tight curve on the upper track it was pinned in place until the glue had set

Scenery was constructed using standard methods – mod-roc and flock.

The sand was simulated using a material designed for use to create mortar for dolls houses

A key feature is the steam shovel. This is a plastic kit of an Erie shovel, made by Highway Miniatures

The buffers are Peco items to which I added lamps with LEDs linked to the power in the respective tracks

Power can be provided from my trusty Hornby controller – which can be plugged in to a connection point under the layout.