BRM Cake Box Challenge - Plan B


Plan B

Builder: Huw Griffiths

My cakebox entry is called "Plan B" - mainly because I needed to adapt my plans for it, throughout the build process.

The idea was adapted from an old KitKat advert - which showed a train stopped just short of a leaf on a railway line - and the train driver out of his cab, having a break.

My version includes a bridge (to hide the train being very short / incomplete), with a rail replacement bus on top. The local trainspotters have abandoned any attempt to spot moving trains - and turned their attention to rail replacement buses (the one shown being a bad example of the breed). However, this bus probably won't be going anywhere soon - as the driver's lost his way and is looking at a map.

I saw this exercise as a chance to experiment - and I've never really been into scenery - so I deliberately used cheap materials, as explained in my RMweb build thread.

Well, I can't think of anything more to say at this point - except that I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's entries...