BRM Cake Box Challenge - Parcel Service


Parcel Service

Builder: Geoff Loosmore

Santa is getting ready for his delivery run, Rudolf has been in training, the sledge has been polished, the elves have made all the toys and are delivering from the workshop to the distribution warehouse by narrow gauge railway. They have to unload the boxes from the conflat wagons, using the loading dock crane which is wound and swung by hand (no elf and safety here) the door is open so the snow is blowing in, so warm clothing is in order.

This is O-n (On18) I usually model in N gauge so had the track, was going to be twin track but had to redesign as I didn’t allow for the width of wagons in O gauge and had glued the dock and stable area first. The walls and dock are Scalescenes OO gauge clapboard enlarged and coloured and the world time zone map came from the internet. I couldn’t find a reindeer the right size anywhere. The boxes are made from card with tissue tarpaulins marked SWS (Santa’s Workshop Services)and the conflat wagons are modified mineral wagons with the tipping hoppers removed.