BRM Cake Box Challenge - On the Fuel Point


On the Fuel Point

Builder: Dougie Beecher

A snapshot of a generic 1980’s British Rail diesel depot. 03371 sits on the Fuel Point awaiting attention from the Depot Fitters, Bert & Ernie, who can be seen in conversation outside the stores. That’s either a list of repairs for the 03 in Bert's hand or it’s the lunch list that he’s about to give to his mate and dispatch him in their trusty Transit to the local greasy spoon! In the background, Driver Jones heads to the Supervisors office to book off.

The base was constructed from a broken picture frame, I decided to cut the front track in half, to give more space on the board and hint at the rest of the lines. The track was given a liberal dose of an ‘Oil Stain’ wash to represent spilt diesel & oil. 

The 03 is an older Bachmann model. The Fuel Point & Office Block are Bachmann RTP products.

Depot signs are  Scalescenes, The bollards, pallet, traffic cones (why does one always end up on the roof?) and ‘Not to be moved’ boards are all from ScaleModelScenery. 

Bert & Ernie are Bachmann and Driver Jones is from the excellent Modelu range (as is the stand pipe).