BRM Cake Box Challenge - No More Coal


No More Coal

Builder: Paul Kirkup

‘No more coal’ is built in 7mm scale, because I’ve always fancied working in the larger scale for the greater amount of detail that can be incorporated, and what better to try it out on than an 8”x8” board!

My diorama depicts a corner of a goods yard in the 1960’s when branch railways were being run down and closed and scenes like this were a common site in towns and villages all over the country. Weeds are beginning to take over, local children have made the coalman’s office into a den, the weather is taking its toll. Bleached sleepers still embedded in the ash ballast speak of years of coal traffic now gone and the fallen telegraph pole and smashed insulators will no longer hear the moan of the wind in the wires. Damp and dereliction abound.

The model is built from a Scalescenes download and mostly scrap material. The printouts were pasted to the foam base from a supermarket pizza, the timberwork is oddments of balsa and the tiles are card. The telegraph pole is a plant support stick I found in the garden and the insulators are cut from wire insulation.

There is a build thread on RMweb.