BRM Cake Box Challenge - Negative Waves...


Negative Waves...

Builder: Chris Herron



Drawing inspiration from the 1970 film “Kelly’s Heroes”, I decided to recreate the scene where Oddball’s three tanks attack the depot from inside the railway tunnel.

A short build history was listed on RMweb, but a brief breakdown follows…

To fit within the cakebox dimensions, the whole scene is built on an 8” x 8” x 6” diorama board from Scale Model Scenery.

The tunnel mouth was adapted to fit the scene with the track running diagonally across the base and buried deep in Sculptamould, followed by a sifting of dirt as ground cover and painted. The logs and the lamp pole are bamboo skewers stained with ink & alcohol mix. The lamp itself is the stalk from a Remembrance poppy.
The shed is built from wood & plasticard with the roof covered with paper shingles that have been painted to represent terracotta tiles.



The three Sherman tanks are resin kits with the existing gun barrels replaced with styrene rod and a loudspeaker adapted from a ship’s bell, all to replicate Oddball’s modifications. The German infantry are also 1/87 resin figures. Other details are either scratch built or scrounged from the spares bin.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge immensely and hope you’ll vote for my 3D snap-shot from the film.