BRM Cake Box Challenge - Miller's Coal Merchants


Miller's Coal Merchants

Builder: Liam Kane


My cakebox entry is based on a small coal depot, set in the late 1950s. The coal arrives by rail in the wagons, which are opened to let the coal out into the staithes. It is then shovelled into sacks by the staff (who are currently down at the chippy getting their lunch) and the sacks are loaded on to the Karrier Bantam truck which delivers the coal to the local area.



Some items used on the cakebox have been recycled - the piece of track was from a Hornby extension pack originally used for my main layout, and the cork tile was also surplus after my home layout was finished. Some paints that have been languishing around for many years have also been used in the creation of my cakebox entry.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Cakebox challenge because it has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and explore what modelling skills I am capable of, as well as the opportunity to showcase my work to other people. Other people I have discussed it with have been very supportive and have been teaching me new skills. I feel more prepared for building my own exhibition layout now than before as I feel I now have the necessary skills.