BRM Cake Box Challenge - Madeira Meadows


Madeira Meadows

Builder: Roy Heslop

Madeira Meadows came about from a discussion about the limitations of the cakebox challenge. “I could fit a circle of track in that!” I replied. “But only if it was T, Z or possibly 009” people mused.

Clearly, the only choice was 1:24 GN15 Rowland Emmett. I already had a suitable loco from the Smokey Mountain and Soggy Bottom Railway which I am currently restoring.

The baseboard is just 5mm ply as height is an issue with a 5” high loco.

The track was made by pre-bending code 100 rail soldered onto 6mm PCB Sleepers.

The station was built using a sandwich filler tub, cereal box card, plaster bricks and coffee stirrers. The tar felt roof effect was done by painting masking tape. The lights are recycled LEDs from a domestic bulb.

The trees, based on ones in Emmett cartoons, were made from wire coated with acrylic external frame sealant.

Power is provided by a battery based PWM system This was built using recovered Li-ion batteries and charger board. Runtime 24 hours on one charge.

The PWM motor control is hidden inside the crates, the top one being the speed control. The charging socket inside the milk churn.

Total cost was under £5.00 including the electronics.

More details on my RMweb thread.

I’ve had to show a 5” box resized to 6”, seems to be a shortage of genuine 6” high boxes.