BRM Cake Box Challenge - Long Walk Home


Long Walk Home

Builder: Kevin Phare

At the end of a busy day Duncan Bisskitts, a well-known local GWR guard, leaves Encombe Town station and heads off down his normal for home, dreaming of a long soak in the tin bath while supping some hot steaming cocoa before bed.

For this Cakebox Challenge we find him on his Long Walk Home ambling down a narrow, little used, hedge and tree lined country lane where he passes on one side a grounded goods van that is used to house sheep and on the other a cornfield.

The basic construction is off a piece of 12mm MDF, static grass, painted Treemendous earth powder for the lane, Sagebrush armatures with Seamoss sprigs for the trees, horsehair for the hedges with blended turf for leaves, plumbers hemp for the cornfield, old goods van body modified with door removed, Modelu figure, Dart Castings sheep, numerous bits and pieces of scenic material and some plastic strip for the gate.

The building of this challenge has been covered extensively on the website, if you require more information and details of how it was built can be found here.

Long Walk Home was taken to the London Festival of Railway Modelling held in March at Alexandra Palace where it arrived, and also photographed, in a cakebox box.