BRM Cake Box Challenge - List of entries


The BRM Cake Box Challenged. Sponsored by Humbrol.

At BRM, we love building railway models. In this hobby, getting your hands dirty is a huge part of the fun. With that in mind, we thought it's time to run a model making competition. We didn't ask anyone to build a layout, that would be far too much commitment. No, we asked modellers to build a scene that would fit inside a cake box.

The rules are simple:

  • Entrants must build a diorama that can fit in a standard 8-inch square cardboard cake box – the sort available from shops that sell cookery items.
  • The diorama can be any scale, any era, any prototype, in fact, anything the builder chooses. The only condition is that it must include at least two railway related items. Anything from locomotives to a tail lamp.

The winner will be decided by a public vote later in the year. For now, here are the entrants - this list will be added to as new entries come in.

More details and discussion can be found on the RMweb forum.

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Entries listed in Alphabetical order

1 - A little slice of Rufford by James Harrison

2 - Across the tracks by Michael Russell

3 - Ashe Yard by Luke Knights

4 - Ashton Row Pumping Station by Tom Hyde

5 - Bet Bet Creek by Geoff Loosmore

6 - Box in a Box by Chris Chewter

7 - Brooks Village Engine Shed by Andy Brooks

8 - Canal side by Paul Wright

9 - Change here for... by Paul Kirkup

10 - Corfe Exchange by Les Handman

11 - Cornish Foundry by Pat James

12 - Cule's Quarry by Danny Figg

13 - Cutting the cake by Andrew Cockburn

14 - Down By The Coalyard - Who Torched The Coalman's Hut? by Mike Denwood

15 - Drovers Road by R Peters

16 - End of the line by Lachlan Heather

17 - Fairy Cakes by Wendy Lenham-Traxton

18 - Fishing Boats by Bryce Fulton

19 - Hawkins, Indiana by Ian Bareham

20 - In the dock by Andrew Cockburn

21 - In to the tunnel by Andrew Cockburn

22 - Jam Sponge Works by Kieran Clancy

23 - Klosterstollen by Helmut Schmidt

24 - Long Walk Home by Kevin Phare

25 - Madeira Meadows by Roy Heslop

26 - Miller's Coal Merchants by Liam Kane

27 - Negative waves... by Chris Herron

28 - No More Coal by Paul Kirkup

29 - On the fuel point by Dougie Beecher

30 - Parcel Service by Geoff Loosmore

31 - Plan B by Huw Griffiths

32 - Rokeby by Peter Blay

33 - Silo Art by Geoff Loosmore

34 - The Attack of the 60ft Spider from Mars! by R Peters

35 - The Bunny Mine by Roy Heslop

36 - The Coal Merchant by Finn Watkins

37 - The Coal Drop by Mark Purle

38 - The Coal Stage by Rob Fanner

39 - The Coal Yard by Bryce Fulton

40 - The End by Stu Hilton

41 - The Grot Box by Andrew Bennett

42 - The Hole in the Wall (White Swan Yard) by Paul Cole

43 - The Pigeon Loft by Bryce Fulton

44 - The Visitor by Danny Figg

45 - Thomas, Bertie and the great race by Shaun Holland

46 - Under Way by R Peters

47 - Upchurch Road by Ian Griffiths

48 - Water and London Electricity by Joel Middleton

49 - We'll all go together by R Peters


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