BRM Cake Box Challenge - Jam Sponge Works


Jam Sponge Works

Builder: Kieran Clancy

Hi everyone , here is my entry to the challenge "Jam Sponge Works" , a small slice of  late 20th century industry probably located somewhere in the wilds of Derbyshire.

The groundwork was done using cereal packet card for the concrete and household filler for the grass bank. The trackwork is SMP track kindly donated by a fellow RMWebber.

The factory buildings were scratchbuilt using Wills plastic sheets and elements from the free warehouse kit from Scalescenes. The storage tanks were made from a pair of old Triang tankers and plastic rod for the pipework , other scratchbuilt elements include the armco barrier made from corrugated plasticard and plastic strip and I beam.

For those interested here is the link to my build thread on RMWeb.