BRM Cake Box Challenge - In to the tunnel


In to the tunnel

Builder: Andrew Cockburn

“Into the tunnel” was my fifth Cakebox offering, is similar to “Cutting the cake” in that it is inspired by an area of Sunderland, only this time a line which is still operational. The model is based on the entrance to Sunderland South Tunnel, through which the South-bound line from Sunderland Central Station passes en route to local stations ie Seaham & Middlesbrough, and just a little further afield, Kings Cross. Also featured is a section of a loading dock that is part of the location, but which ceased rail use several years ago.

The tunnel & loading dock are formed from a sections of plywood & offcuts of 2” x 1”, with black card for the interior tunnel walls, while the tunnel mouth is a Peco kit. Embankments are formed from crumpled/strips of newspaper pasted in place, then suitably painted/sceniced, the backscene is hand-painted using watercolours, while the signal is a redundant/non-working Berko model. The small substation is scratch built from Metcalfe brick sheet/balsa/card, the grounded van body is a redundant Peco model, suitable converted, while other features are from contemporary manufacturers such as Peco, Ratio, Langley Models. Etc.