BRM Cake Box Challenge - In the dock


In the dock

Builder: Andrew Cockburn

“In the the dock” was my initial CBC entry, it is completely ficticious, and derives it’s name from the fact that it features part of a goods yard loading dock, the diorama’s inspiration coming from my own favourite railway modelling theme of BR goods/industrial shunting.

Unlike my subsequent Cakebox offerings, the model/diorama is in OO Gauge, and has been built upon a base formed from artists mounting card, while the same material, in conjunction with offcuts of 2” x 1”, forms the loading dock.

Fine sandpaper (to represent tarmac) forms the surface of the loading dock, while Metcalfe stone sheet has been used for the walls. Other features are a bit of a mixture, i.e. the grounded van body/store is an old Hornby goods wagon, suitably weathered/modified, the hut and crane are Ratio/Wills kits respectively, the artic is an Oxford Diecast model, while figures and other small details are from various contemporary manufacturers.

The diorama incorporates two cameo scenes, i.e. the artic being loaded with crates from a goods wagon, also a workman busying himself on a section of abandoned track, which nature appears rather determined to try and take over.