BRM Cake Box Challenge - Hawkins, Indiana


Hawkins, Indiana

Builder: Ian Bareham

Fall 1984 in Hawkins, Indiana, backwater smalltown Mid Western USA, the old rundown L&N Railroad depot harks back, while Starcourt Mall billboard proclaims a bright future. Locals go about their daily life on Main Street as unnoticed in railroad yard a group of teenagers and behind a diner a guitar man by a Blue Police Box.

These are not as strange as it seems to Sci-Fi fans, Hawkins Indiana is the setting for Stanger Things, where the 4 teenagers Steve, Dustin, Lucas & Max are hunting for monsters. Or from Dr Who’s behind the Diner, Clara & Ashldr say goodbye to 12th Dr by his Tardis, under the watchful gaze of Missy.

1/87th scale Hawkins has used mostly items which were to hand including fencing, telegraph pole, signs and scenic items with a few new ones. The Diner is a modified Dapol Flat & shop, while the Depot, from scribed siding, HO parts roof, doors & windows around a Peter Pig 15mm Western Depot.

The various characters are modified HO/OO plastic figures plus 3 15mm white metal ones for younger teenagers. Railroad items L&N Depot, with old switch stand, Road Crossing Signal, yard track with box car & trackbumper.