BRM Cake Box Challenge - Fishing Boats


Fishing Boats

Builder: Bryce Fulton

My Mother had 12 siblings lived in Harbour Street, Irvine, Ayrshire.  Her father worked on the harbour starting in a very low position but retiring as Deputy Harbour Master. His son’s interests included fishing, shooting and breeding Springer spaniels to be gun dogs. Son Tom became the Pilot.

A trip in the pilot boat was exciting. When it turned sharp to port while pulling a large cargo ship I thought it was going to tip over and sink. I still like small boats hence the diorama.

Fishing boats worked in days gone by in Irvine, mainly for herring and flounder. The railway did not run along the harbour, but on a nearby embankment so the fish must have been taken there by hand barrow or horse and cart.

Today in the diorama a fishing boat is landing the catch onto a lorry for local distribution and into an LMS refrigerated van for billingsgate, while another boat is off again to sea. Fancy cars on the dock show they make good catches. It looks like the folks in the small boat have caught nothing or was it just a pleasure cruise?

The warehouse, dock and fishing boat are from Scalescenes download. Although fiddly to put together at N scale, patience pays off.  The LMS rolling stock is very old Graham Farish! The figures and artefacts are from various sources.