BRM Cake Box Challenge - Fairy cakes


Fairy cakes

Builder: Wendy Lenham-Traxton


This was quite near the beginning of my fairy cake garden.  My husband is the  model train expert, Ii do help him but i enjoy craft in general and thought I'd include what I like making for my nieces, fairies and magical lands.  Originally I had put a blue bulbs around the train, the idea being a nice and magical atmosphere, but realised when photographing it doesn’t photograph well. 



This is it finished. The idea of the magic garden is that Thomas has gone through a tunnel and found this new and secret garden, where the fairies are playing and laughing. One is fishing for their tea whilst all the animals sit and wander about happy and safe.  Whilst making this me and my husband got married so I have included the little horseshoe (on the bridge) from our wedding cake.



This is a bit of a closer view, it shows all the crystals which have different spiritual meanings.  I'm hoping it comes across as a place thats magical and a happy place, where children would dream of coming across.  
The bridge is scraps from Metcalfe kits and Thomas is scrap bits of Airfix kits (no real Thomas”s were harmed in the making of this). I used das clay, mod roc and  static grass to form the base.  I used real twigs on one back wall.  The butterflies are on wire to look like they are fluttering about.