BRM Cake Box Challenge - End Of The Line


End of the Line

Builder: Lachlan Heather


‘Somewhere on the Railways, the day ends, with a storm rolling in.

A 16-tonner sits silently, on probably it’s last run. It may as well be scrap already.

The signalman leaves his shelter, likely going to light the signal lamps.

The days left for this branchline are numbered, like so many others.’



 The Cakebox itself was produced on an 8” by 8” 3mm MDF board. The height of the model ended up at 5” tall. The timber platform was produced by a local Australian manufacturer, while the 16-tonner was produced by Parkside and completed with decals from Model-master. The track is weathered Peco, the buffer stop is from Hornby, and the telegraph pole is from Rix Products. The signal box is from Wills and the figure is from Bachmann. The grass is a static grass sheet cut-up from Heki. The ballast is from Chucks Ballast.

 At first the challenge seemed like a strange idea, although the more I thought about how the composition of the scene should look, the more the idea evolved. The challenge was well, a challenge, and by the end of it, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Thank You