BRM Cake Box Challenge - Drovers Road


Drovers Road

Builder: R Peters



Set sometime in the late 50s, Drovers Road is a miniature sketch of a key element for a planned larger layout using Triang TT locos and rolling stock.  It depicts a goods line entering a small yard, passing under a brick arch viaduct with a station on top.  A tank loco coasts through the platform, while below a diesel shunter propels a van into the yard.

The intention is to create a scene in a style appropriate to the Triang models, so card construction, solid colours and brick paper are used to build the diorama. As an example, the appearance of the platform shelter owes a lot to the Hornby Dublo island platform waiting room.



The track was constructed using Peco Code 75 rail soldered to a few copper-clad OO sleepers to keep it in gauge, while the yard surface conceals this under a layer of DAS modelling clay, the viaduct track is more visible and so fake sleepers made from split coffee stirrers have been glued under the rails and coloured before ballasting.