BRM Cake Box Challenge - Down by the Coalyard - Who Torched the Coalman's Hut?


Down by the Coalyard - Who Torched the Coalman's Hut?

Builder: Mike Denwood

The inspiration came from an article on domestic coal depots in the May 2015 Rail Express Modeller, which was accompanied by a photograph of two chaps unloading a 16T coal wagon straight into sacks on the back of their lorry at Currie on the Slateford to Balerno line in Scotland.

Here we have just one man and his dog, with a representation of the disused goods shed as per the photograph, the stack of coal sacks and in a departure from the original, a coalman's hut torched by some local ne'er do wells one dark night. Or was it? - two women in the village were talking....."Jus' cos the line's half shut an' that Beeching fella reckons the rest wants shutting within a twelvemonth, there's no call for folk to burn down the poor ole coalman's office is there? Mind, I wouldn't put it past him to 'ave lit the match 'isself. Damn sure them coal sacks 'ave got lighter since 'e took over from 'is ole man!"

No space for the other 5 wagons, brake van and 08 shunter portrayed in the photo!

Ingredients mostly recycled from previous layouts.