BRM Cake Box Challenge - Cutting the cake


Cutting the cake

Builder: Andrew Cockburn

“Cutting the cake” was my “Mk3” cakebox entry, pun intended, as the model features part of a line in a cutting/tunnel, inspired by a former goods branch in Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, which branched off the Sunderland/Durham main line at Fawcett Street Junction, and ran via Mowbray Park to the South Dock at Hendon. The real line was originally double track, but was later rationed down to a single line, and the model loosely represents part of the car park/park/tunnel/cutting through which the line once ran.

All of the main structures are scratch built from the usual “ingredients”, i.e. balsa, card and Metcalfe brick sheet/stone sheet, the low-relief car park sits on top of a base constructed from 2” x 1” timber, which also houses the section of tunnel. The section of main road is represented by fine sandpaper/painted appropriate colours, while road markings are from the Roger Smith range. The cutting was formed from offcuts of plywood & crumpled-up/strips of newspaper pasted into position, which when dry, was painted & sceniced. Small details such as cars, figures etc. are courtesy of Modelscene, P & D Marsh, Ratio, and other contemporary manufacturers.