BRM Cake Box Challenge - Cule’s Quarry


Cule’s Quarry

Builder: Danny Figg



Cule’s Quarry forms the scenic section of an 009 micro layout, illustrating a small aggregate quarry served by a 2ft gauge railway. Rather than 009 track, I have chosen to use Peco N gauge set track, which with alternate sleepers removed approximately represents Decauville or Hudson-style sectional track. Heavy use has been made of Woodland Scenics products, including moulds for the plaster cast rockfaces and large boulders, as well as ‘talus’ to represent the smaller grades of gravel. I’ve also experimented with the use of grass tufts rather than scatter. Main ground cover is a mixture of sand and real sieved earth, applied in layers. The working gravel loader is adapted from an N scale Ratio coal loading hopper, while the chute leading to it is scratchbuilt from styrene.



The diorama was inspired by a photograph of the quarries at Leighton Buzzard and I have tried to recreate the lightly laid and ramshackle nature of the quarry trackwork. When a stick is attached, the diorama functions as a very small but fully working layout, and at exhibitions it operates in a ‘picture frame’ display box. The buildings and structures have been carefully weathered to achieve the appropriate rusty, dusty look.

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