BRM Cake Box Challenge - Cornish foundry


Cornish foundry

Builder: Pat James

I decided to try my hand at the cakebox challenge to expand my modelling techniques and explore further possibilities for my main layout, which is a Cornish foundry located on a harbour. I felt I would benefit from the research I have already done on the area, and any new techniques gained.

My cakebox diorama has been influenced by the Doxford ship yards in Sunderland. I already had a Backwoods miniatures kit, one of the four Crane tanks that was built for the ship yards by Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn which I altered to narrow gauge to fit the 9mm track as I model in 009 gauge.  I’ve always adored the crane locomotives, the dirt and decay of them and their surroundings in pictures from the Doxford ship yards. In later years the engine sheds were very dilapidated so I thought I would try to capture the same run down look. I lean toward a style of modelling that is heavy on the weathering so I just needed to get the dilapidation of the surroundings right and the rest fell into place. Armed with only my bits box and lots of pictures for inspiration, this has been the outcome...