BRM Cake Box Challenge - Corfe Exchange


Corfe Exchange

Builder: Les Handman

Corfe Exchange  in 7mm scale. Foamboard was used to create the base, the wall faced off with Slaters stone and real sand and gravel from the local beach for ground cover.

I wanted to create an impression of activity within the scene so several cameos were created.

Inside the hut is an LED giving off a red glow and outside a brazier also lit by a LED. These are powered by a 9v battery contained in an extractable compartment which together with its switch lives under the loading dock.

A workman having a break from repairing the well worn fence is seen having a brew. His flask keeping his cuppa hot as steam can be seen rising from his mug. He is keeping an eye on the broken pieces of fence burning in the brazier and is also having to keep an eye on the water spillage from the hosepipe used to fill the loco.

The main focus is the loading Shute formed from plasticard channel with track pins as bolts, matchsticks and for the Shute itself a section of aluminium food tray coloured and distressed. Wanting to give the impression of movement, a load is being discharged.

See Corfe Exchange completed post for details of construction