BRM Cake Box Challenge - Change here for . . .


Change here for . . . 

Builder: Paul Kirkup

‘Change here for . . . ‘ is a model of the operationally fascinating pair of halts built in the early 1960’s at Boscarne Junction in Cornwall, to facilitate passenger interchange between train services run by the Southern Region from Bodmin North to Padstow, and Western Region services from Pastow/Wadebridge to Bodmin Road. This gave passengers from the area a faster connection to London via WR trains to Paddington, rather than go the long way round via Halwill Junction and Exeter to Waterloo.

Services on the SR Bodmin North line were operated by a railbus with retractable steps, so a rail-level platform was built. On the WR Bodmin General line, conventional DMU’s were the norm, so a standard height platform was provided. A path connected the two halts, complete with fencing, oil lamps and signs.

Because the prototype is so small, it has almost been possible to model it to scale, even on this tiny baseboard! Hopefully I have created a real impression of the location. The challenge called for two railway items. I have managed to fit in two tracks, two halts, two telegraph poles, a signal and a train!

There is a build thread on RMweb.